KOH Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Leave Them, They’re Still Useful

Taking a whip moistened with salt water, Gu Liufeng ruthlessly whipped her body.

“When you tortured my Mother, weren’t you rampant, very proud of yourself?”

“When you tortured this mother and son pair, didn’t you act all high and mighty, regarding us as animals?”

Unable to completely dissolve his hatred with just the whip, Gu Liufeng took the flatiron laying nearby and firmly pressed it on her body. Then, he grabbed the bucket of salt water and poured it on her.

Madam Murong let out a blood curdling scream, she incessantly rolled about on the floor as she begged for forgiveness. “I was wrong, I was wrong! I’m begging you to let me off… ah ah ah–––!! Gu Liufeng, you sl**. You dare to act like this towards us, you don’t deserve an easy death!!”

Gu Liufeng’s expression was very calm, but his eyes were filled with raging flames.

At this moment, the pain and torture, that this mother and son pair inflicted upon him, flashed through his eyes.

Everyday, he was itching to peel their skin off and break their bones, to break them down into bones and scatter their ashes in the wind!

Everyday, he endured the fear of his mother being tortured and the hatred towards himself. He suffered in this anxious state.

Finally, the heavens had eyes!

Today, these two people finally fell into his hands. How should he strip them apart in order to appease the hatred he felt towards them?

Suddenly, a hand gripped the hand that held the torture tool.

Gu Liufeng lifted his head up and came into contact with Xi Yue’s delicate complexion and shining eyes.

Towards him, Hexi shook her head. “Leave them, they’re still useful. If you want to calculate a debt, it would be better to wait until Murong family has been destroyed. Then, you can calculate your debt with the whole group of people. During that time, wouldn’t it be more straightforward?”

Gu Liufeng’s hand loosened and the iron in his hand fell to the floor with a ‘peng’ sound.

He nodded his head and softly said, “Thank you Xi Yue!”

No! He now knew that it wasn’t because the heavens had eyes that he was saved, it wasn’t because the heavens had eyes that he could take revenge.

Instead, it was because of this person in front of him. Because of a youth, as bright as the moon and as dazzling as the sun appeared in his world, who went by the name–– Xi Yue.

Hexi took off Madam Murong’s clothes and quickly transformed her appearance into Gu Youlan’s.

In order to make it appear more real, Hexi used a whip to lash at Madam Murong’s body numerous times in order to create countless scars. She also used medicine to make these scars look older. Under these several actions, Madam Murong was brought to her last breath and fainted.

Hexi smiled and pricked the back of her head with a silver needle. After the silver needle had pricked her, Madam Murong wouldn’t be able to speak, use spiritual power, and would even sometimes become erratic.

As for the locked up Murong Linfeng, his tongue had been badly burned and he couldn’t freely speak as he wished. Adding onto that fact was that he couldn’t use his spiritual power, the black, iron chains kept him from doing so. His cultivation level was indistinguishable, causing nobody to realize that he had been switched out.

Hexi stored the unconscious Madam Murong into the wooden suitcase and faintly laughed, “Compared with the scars on her body, letting her experience the taste of being locked inside this suitcase is even more terrifying and torturous to a person’s heart. Most likely, before she’s even discovered, she would have already been driven mad.”

Gu Liufeng carried his unconscious mother, his eyes were filled with endless amounts of distress.

His mother had suffered this torture, nonstop.

Fortunately, all the nightmares have passed.

The two people knocked the three guards outside unconscious and left Murong manor’s prison.

Once they entered Murong manor’s inner courtyard, Hexi saw that Gu Liufeng’s pair of eyes rigidly stared towards the direction of the master’s room. His eyes were filled full of hatred, as if he would rush in and fight in the next moment.

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  1. Miss Vhee April 16, 2019 / 6:54 pm

    Ugh poor mother and son pair, they’ve suffered so much!


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