KOH Chapter 428

Chapter 428 Terrifying Fact

“Wanton––!” Madam Murong quickly slapped him and grimly laughed, “Am I the Madam or are you the Madam? When I’m handling matters, I still need you to come and teach me?”

“I pulled this sl** out only to let these two mother and son look at each other’s miserable and humiliated states, naturally, before Master comes back, she will be sent back. What do you have to be anxious about?”

“Xiao Huan, bring those three out for me and guard them by the doorway, don’t let anyone enter. If Master comes, remember to notify me!”

The servant girl following by Madam Murong’s side immediately answered yes, and with a cold face, she promptly rushed the three guards outside.

Madam Murong looked at the woman who was crawling on the floor like a dog and burst into laughter, “Gu Youlan, you sl**, at that time you were so high up, did you ever think that you would meet this day? Did you think that your son would meet this day?”

“Before when I tortured you, weren’t you indifferent? Didn’t you disdainfully glance at me? Now I’ll look, I want to see if you can still remain so calm when I’m torturing your son.”

Finished speaking, she took a whip that had been wet with salt water and firmly struck at Gu Youlan’s body, intending to first wake her up.

But, just when her whip had reached midair, her wrist was suddenly pulled on by an iron claw.

“Who dares to block me!!” Madam Murong angrily yelled out and turned around to look behind her.

But when she turned around to look at the person behind her, her face was suddenly overwhelmed with shock. She could only gasp, “You… How did you…”

Gu Liufeng’s face was illuminated by the coal fire, his beautiful facial features and red scar stung Madam Murong’s eyes, causing them to ache.

Madam Murong looked at the tortured and tied up ‘Gu Liufeng’, then looked at the person in front of her. Her voice trembled, “You… Who are you?”

“Who am I?” Gu Liufeng’s mouth lifted up into an icy smile, then he replied with mockery laced in his tone, “Madam really has a short memory, just then, you kept saying I was a sl**, now you can’t even recognize me?”

Madam Murong stumbled and fell backwards, crashing into the tied up ‘Gu Liufeng’ behind her.

That person let out a pained scream, and at this moment, that voice rung in Madam Murong’s ears. The voice was so familiar to her, it caused her to be scared out of her wits.

“You… You say you’re Gu Liufeng. Then, then who is he?!”

Hexi slowly stepped out of the shadows and walked up to Gu Liufeng’s side. The Purple Abyss Vine in her hands flew out and held onto Murong Linfeng’s face.

The purple vine wiped a little and immediately, Murong Linfeng’s face and body restored into it’s previous state.

Although his face had already been destroyed by Madam Murong, the left side of his chest still held a very eye catching birthmark.

This was the birthmark that only her son, Murong Linfeng, had.

Ah ah ah––––!” Madam Murong let out a heart tearing and lung splitting screech as she recoiled backwards, as if the person that was tied up was a goblin. “No! It’s not possible! It can’t be Linfeng, it can’t be my son… You cheated me! It was you, this sl**, who cheated me!”

Just then, the person she expended great efforts to torture, the person she hated with all her heart and whom she wanted to die, actually wasn’t Murong Linfeng, that da** bast***, but instead her beloved son?!!”

This terrifying fact caused Madam Murong to shake all over, causing her to be on the verge of insanity.

Her two eyes bulged out as she let out a hysterical roar. Rushing towards Gu Liufeng, she wanted to fight with him.

But, she was nothing more than an insignificant Foundation Establishment stage, how could she contend against Gu Liufeng at all. All it took was the wave of a hand and she collapsed on the floor, her hair was in a disarray and she was battered and exhausted.

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  1. Jenzkie Hanzkie April 15, 2019 / 11:04 am

    Well., both mother & son deserve it!!!hahaha

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  2. fan63 April 15, 2019 / 12:10 pm

    I’m disappointed. I thought they would let her torture him more before the great reveal. But, it’s all good anyway.


  3. 17 April 15, 2019 / 12:11 pm

    They were probably worried that she would start torturing Liufeng’s mom

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    Horrible and what is going on!


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    Whew.. Mental damage 97.9% 🤭🤭


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    Time to torture both of them


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