KOH Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Putting Together Corpses

But seeing the scene in front of his eyes, he became stupefied.

Unexpectedly, Hexi was sticking needles into the corpse. And furthermore, she was also bringing the chopped off hands and feet over. Once again, through flying needle and running seam [1], she sewed together the four limbs again.

Wu Xin admitted that this girl’s appearance when she was concentrating on stitching was so pure and holy, so awe-inspiring. As if she was set high up [2] and was a God who was able to decide whether or not someone lives or dies.

After she sewed Xi Jia’s four limbs back on his body, except for a light scar, you surprisingly couldn’t see that the four limbs had previously been chopped off.

But this couldn’t be changed, Nalan Hexi already experienced too much stimulantion and she was already close to collapsing.

If not, how could any regular person be able to treat the dead bodies and even take the chopped off hands and feet. To be able to cautiously and solemnly sew them back on.

The most frightening fact was that after Hexi finished sewing Xi Jia, she didn’t stop there. She took the other nine corpses and moved them to a clean corner. Afterward, one by one she began to use acupuncture and then she began to treat their thousand sore and hundred hole [3] bodies.

After she finished sewing together the holes in the ninth body, Wu Xin finally couldn’t help but walk a few steps forward. He quietly said, “Wangfei, these people are already dead. You…… Please restrain your grief and accept fate.”

The movement of the needle in Hexi’s hand didn’t stop, but her long eyelashes lifted up and looked towards Wu Xin’s confused face. The haughty expression his eyes looked at her, clearly looking at her as if she was someone with a mental disorder.

Hexi didn’t pay any mind to him. After quickly treating the injuries on all the bodies, she took out a Zijin medicine cauldron from her space.

When the Zijin medicine cauldron just appeared, it was just the size of a fist. But by the time it touched the ground, it quickly became bigger and bigger. In the blink of an eye, it became a huge stove that could accommodate dozens of people.

Hexi took diluted spiritual spring water and generously poured it into the stove. It wasn’t until it was more than half full that she stopped pouring it in.

She took a glance at the dumbstruck Wi Xin and slowly said, “If you have free time when you stand to the side, then use spiritual fire to add heat to the stove.”

Wu Xin stared blankly. Soon after, he felt some anger from shame.

He was a grand Nascent Soul stage martial artist. But now this woman, to one’s surprise, seemed to be ordering him about like she would to a little boy servant.

Besides, these peoples have long since stopped breathing. Their whole body, didn’t show any signs of spiritual energy and life. This woman, repeatedly doing this (Hexi treating the corpses one by one), what is her end goal?

Wu Xin forcibly resisted the urge to slap this woman. He coldly said, “Wangfei, me calling you wangfei is me giving Master face. It’s best if you don’t want a foot after winning an inch [4]. These people have clearly already died, you still need me to remind you several times……”

Wu Xin didn’t get to finish speaking when suddenly the wing of his nose [5] shrunk and his eyes looked unbelieving.

His body was as straight as a rock, his whole body didn’t dare to move. His shocked gaze stared at the delicate complexion of the nearby girl.

Hexi’s hand, held a delicate-seeming dagger. The dagger’s knife blade emitted a strange, greenish-blue, cold light.

At this moment, the dagger sat firmly against his neck. Seemingly, if she drew it down just a little bit more, it would cut open his flesh and allow the poison to seep inside him.

Shock couldn’t be used to describe Wu Xin’s current mood right now. Although, just now, he wasn’t completely alert and didn’t have a spiritual cover. But he was still a Nascent Soul stage martial artist, a very minor Foundation Establishment stage martial artist wanting to attack him would be like a joke from a fantasy story.

But unexpectedly, just now he didn’t even see Hexi move. So much so that he didn’t even know how she concealed her breath and figure before appearing in front of him.

[1] flying needle and running seam – skillful needlework
[2] set high up – She’s aloof and remote
[3] thousand sore and hundred hole bodies – their bodies were riddled with injuries
[4] want a foot after winning an inch – to not be satisfied with small gains. A similar saying would be wanting a mile after getting an inch
[5] wing of his nose – the ala of the nose (wing of the nose) is the lower lateral surface of the external nose

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